To Succeed Online and Attract Bookings – your website must:

Make it easy to grow your business and win new customers

Be an impressive and persuasive 24/7 advertisement for your company

Contain professionally written SEO friendly content – with researched keywords

Include T&C – a Privacy Policy page – and Cookie Compliance – so it is GDPR Legal

Accept Online Bookings – Have live Fare Quotations – and a Customer Login Area

Be Trusted with (https) SSL Certification – Be Fast – and fully page SEO Optimised

Use a Proven Online Booking System – AND have Passenger Booking Apps

The Good News is…

All the above – the Apps – plus much more – are part of our Low-cost Website Package

See below what we also include to Promote and Grow Your Business

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Having just a great website design is NOT enough!

Every website we build is unique
It will be designed and written just for your company and for Google SEO

We do not use boring ‘similar-for-everyone’ template designs and words


Your admin life also becomes easier – as we include a lite version of our world-class booking system

now used by over 1,600 smaller Taxi, Cab, Chauffeur and Airport Transfer companies worldwide?

Costumer Location Map


Here are some of our website examples

  • 1: High-Class Chauffeur London

  • 2: Specialist Transport Service

  • 3: Taxi & Airport Transfer Service

  • 4: National Taxi Service Kenya


Our clients love us – and we love them!

“This is wonderfully done. Congratulations team VIPTAXIPRO” – John
“I have taken bookings already…” – Scott
“the website is looking stunning” – Andrei
“Our new website is brilliant and our customers like it too!” – Geo
“wow you are very professional…” – Oscar
“The site looks Great… Am very happy with it” – Isabella


Check out our Booking System HERE

(A free version of this booking system is included as part of your website package)

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Your first payment – to design your website and make any changes you want – is just  £299

The second and final payment – includes keyword research – writing the content – launching the website – plus full SEO and website optimization  £199

This price also includes our popular Booking System (lite version) AND Passenger Booking Apps

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You have a full money-back guarantee

(Pay only £299 now – total Price £498


If you would like us to telephone you to answer any questions,
or to discuss your thoughts or requirements – please Contact Us


We have the Experience!

See below the crazy amount of work we do for you – to ensure your website is profitable

Market Research

Market Research

  • We research your competitors and learn about your requirements and preferences.

  • We research non-competitive keywords that will help with your website’s Google search rankings.


    Website Development

    Chauffeur Website design intro

  • In two weeks, you will have an eight-page professional unique website, ready to use that can accept bookings.

  • You will NOT have some bland page template design, which is being used by many other companies.

  • The focus of the design and content will be to impress the visitor and attract bookings.

  • We include design proofs, so you can approve the design or request changes.

  • We will design your company LOGO if you don’t have one.

  • We will professionally write all the website text content for you – and make it SEO friendly.

  • If required, to attract tourist bookings, your website will be available in multiple languages.

  • There will be an interactive passenger reservation form and a client login page – built-in.


    Booking System


  • The lite version of our popular booking system, plus the admin app and passenger booking apps are all included.

  • If required, your website will be able to give instant quotes and show the price of the journey.

  • If required, your website will also be able to receive online payments, payable directly into your PayPal account.

  • The website will have buttons where your customers can download the free passenger booking apps.
    Download booking apps button example


    SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    SEO Actions

  • We will research and target the best keywords to attract local visitors to your website.

  • We will complete all the on-page SEO tasks for you, so your website is found and displayed by Google.

  • We will also register your website with Google, to further improve your site’s presence in Google Search results.


    Legal Requirements

  • We will write a legally required (customized for your company) GDPR compliant Privacy Policy page for your website.

  • We will write a must-have Terms & Conditions page – that sets out your rules and standards.

  • Your website will also include other legally required items such as a Cookie Policy, GDPR Opt-ins, etc.


    Technical Features

  • We include an SSL certificate, making your website https – so it has ‘Secure and Trusted’ status.

  • Your website will be fully responsive, so it is easy to view on a desktop, tablet or mobile.

  • If you ever want to make changes yourself, we include a free, easy-to-use website page editor.

  • We will set up your website email system so, for example, you can send/receive emails from

  • Your website will be fast – running on SSD drives, with high-speed page caching and full page-speed optimization.

  • 100% network uptime guarantee – with DDoS protection.

  • We also include website security protection, WordPress updates, and automatic off-site backups.

  • In addition to all of above, our low-price includes fast and reliable website hosting.



  • You will have a professional, legal and profitable website.

  • Designed and written by experienced specialists – specifically to attract bookings.

  • For the purpose of contributing to the profitability of your business.

  • A website that will be an impressive 24/7 advert for your company.

  • Taking around two weeks from start to finish.

  • Total price £498 (first payment £299, final payment £199)

    To purchase your new website, please go HERE

    To find out more about what’s included, please go HERE


    What happens when you purchase?

    After receiving your first payment of £299, we will send you a simple questionnaire asking about your company and your website requirements.
    Then, when we have your answers, we will design your website. Once the design is finished (usually around one week) we will send you the design proofs for your approval.
    You can request any changes you would like us to make.

    After we have made your changes and you have approved the design, we will ask for your second and final payment of £199.

    Once paid, we will write the SEO friendly text and complete all the other visible parts of your website.
    If you want to make any changes to the text, just let us know.

    Next, we will do all the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) operations and register the website with Google Search.

    After that, we will complete all the other behind-the-scenes technical tasks such as site protection security, cookie-management, automatic backups, etc.

    When the website is completely finished and ready for your customers (usually around two weeks from design start) we will let you know and send you our ‘Launch’ promotion pack.
    This will give you some great ideas on how to promote your business and website locally.

    You will now have a professionally designed website, that is safe, legal and search engine friendly. Ready to impress visitors and attract bookings.

    Pay in two low-cost stages