9 Adding a Driver

The system needs to know about your driver or drivers!

If you have multiple drivers the person dispatching jobs needs to be able to allocate a job to a particular driver.
With one driver upwards, the system (and sometimes) the passenger needs to be able to communicate with the allocated driver.

Also, as a professional touch, if enabled, the system will also include a link to an image of the driver, in the booking confirmation email (see below). This encourages loyalty from passengers who feel vulnerable, especially at night.
In many places, providing an image of the driver is a legal requirement – if the passenger requests it. For example in the UK, Transport for London (TfL) and other like-minded local authorities).


To add a driver, first, go to the DRIVERS panel

Select ‘Add New’. (If you want to edit an existing driver click on the pen in the ‘Edit’ column for the driver you want to amend.)

This is what you will see.

Drivers Panel Blank

First add or change any non-image data, as required. Write down the password or copy it into the ‘Remarks’ field (so you can later give the driver their ID and password).

Below the password tick/check the two app boxes. Select the gender and language of the driver. If the driver always drives the same vehicle, select their vehicle. If the vehicle is not shown, return to the ‘Vehicles’ sub-panel and add the vehicle.

For admin purposes enter the relevant licence info, plus contact info (please enter the telephone number in the international format (+44 123456789 for example).
Click on ‘Save’.

To add a picture of the driver, open the driver again by selecting ‘Edit’. Then double-click on the image area and upload an image of the driver.

You should now see something like this below.
Drivers Panel

Job done!

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