7 Adding, Changing or Removing Vehicles

If you have one vehicle or many vehicles – this system is for you.

Please go to the VEHICLES panel

Below is what you will see
The vehicles displayed are just default vehicles, you can rename and change them and change the image, as you wish.

Let’s first set up one vehicle

Choose the row that best describes the vehicle. In the ‘Available’ column on the right, deselect (untick/uncheck) all the other vehicles.

Next, to show the actual make and model of the vehicle, go to the ‘Vehicle Description’ column for the selected vehicle.
Double click/tap on the default vehicle description. Type in the vehicle’s actual make and model (for example Mercedes E-class).
For this and other changes, click/tap outside the edited box, to save.

Next, for the same vehicle, double click/tap to edit the number of seats and bags that correspond to this vehicle.
Also, select or deselect the services and features that are available with the vehicle(s). For example Wheelchair, Trailer, Booster Seat, etc.
Leave the ‘Special offer’ blank (unselected).

In the ‘Extra Info’ column, if required, you can add a comment about the vehicle. For example, This vehicle has free Wi-Fi.

You can come back later and add other vehicles (if you have other vehicles to add).

Adding additional info about the vehicle

If required, here is a professional touch that encourages customer loyalty and differentiates your company from the competition. You can let the system give the passenger information about the car and driver that is coming to collect them.

Below is part of the automatic email sent to the customer once you have confirmed and allocated the driver (how to add driver information is described in another section).

Vehicle Details

To enter this additional info about the vehicle, open the ‘vehicles’ Sub-tab (next to ‘Pricing’).
Select ‘Add Vehicle’. Then in the new row, enter Licence plate/registration number. Then the Make (Brand) and the model. The additional info is optional and is to assist dispatch if you have a lot of vehicles.

The next section describes how to change the vehicle image.

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