The Affiliate App

For hotels, clubs, pubs, airports, affiliate drivers, etc.

…tracks commissions and makes bookings from them easier and more professional.

Affiliates – such as booking agents, hotels, clubs, pubs, airports, affiliate drivers, etc., can have their own separate login panel, which they can access via a browser, or via this app.
So they can easily place bookings. Very professional alternatives, to just using the telephone – making it easier to attract new agents.

Commission tracking and invoicing are all automated. For the agent, it is often considered easier and quicker to place bookings directly online, compared to using the telephone – especially in noisy environments. Affiliates can still use the telephone if they want to, but you will be giving them a professional alternative.

When a booking is made by an affiliate, the passenger will automatically receive confirmation emails in the normal way.

Note: To pay commissions, you have two options: Wait until the Affiliate logs in and uses the system to create an invoice for you to pay. Or, say monthly, you create their invoice and send them their invoice with your commission payment.
You can download the Android Affiliate app HERE and the Apple Affiliate app HERE.