3 Airport Transfer

For when you need fixed prices to a fixed number of destinations

…for example to Airports, Ports, Rail Stations, etc

Easy Drop-down selection of Airports (Airport Transfer Companies Only)

If you are an Airport Transfer company you may only have certain destinations to go to (airports for example). To make the drop-off destination easier to select, you set-up the system to show your most popular destinations.

Destinations Menu Example

Note: Enter your popular destinations in alphabetical order in the ‘Destinations’ panel, not the ‘Airports’ panel.

Even if your popular destinations are Airports only, still use the ‘Destinations’ panel (select the category ‘Airports’). This is because the ‘Airports’ panel gives you too few options and can cause problems later if you change your pricing structure.

In the ‘Destinations’ panel select ‘Add New’. Enter the destination name. Copy and paste the name into each of the flag fields. (If you transport a lot of foreign tourists, you may wish to use Google Translate to translate the destination into each of the different languages.)

Copy the destination into to the field below the map on the right. Click on ‘Search’. Zoom the map out a bit (using the ‘–’ sign) to confirm the pointer is over the correct destination. Then zoom back in to maximum zoom (using the ‘+’ sign) and at each zoom level drag the map (not the pointer) so finally the pointer is exactly over a road in the centre of your desired location – and a valid road name is displayed in red.

Next, under ‘Categories’ choose or enter a new destination category e.g. Town, Train station, Port, Airport, etc. Finally, on the ‘Enable The Destination “From / To / Both” field select whether this popular location is to appear in the ‘To:’ or the ‘From:’ or both the address selection fields. If you are setting up a town, tick/check the ‘Ask Address’ box. Click ‘Save’.

When done, go to the ‘Front-End’ panel and in the From >> To field select: Place [Single Field] to (Airport / Destination). Now go to the ‘Reservations’ panel and To: and the pull down to see your destination is there for quick selection.

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