8 Changing the Vehicle Image

This section is about changing the vehicle image that will appear in the reservations form, so it matches the make and model of your vehicle(s).

This process is not necessary if you are using generic names for your vehicles. For example, SALOON/SEDAN, EXECUTIVE, etc.

Changing your vehicle image is easy, finding a suitable image is a bit harder. If you already have a suitable vehicle image, ideally with a white background, it will need to be resized and possibly cropped, so you can skip on down to the section ‘Cropping and Reducing the image file size’.

Finding a suitable vehicle image

If you do not have a suitable image, go to Google and search for the make and model of your vehicle.
Then select the ‘Images’ tab, then select ‘Tools’ and then ‘Color’.
Then select the white box at the bottom-left of ‘Color’ pull-down menu.
Hopefully, you will now have images of your vehicle displayed, which have a white background.
Ideally, for consistency, choose an image where the vehicle is pointing to the bottom left.
Avoid images that have a transparent (checkered) background or that are too small.

Right-click on your chosen image and select ‘Save image as’, then choose and remember the location where you are saving the image.
This will download and save the image to your device.

Cropping and Reducing the image file size

Next, we must reduce the file size of the image, without reducing the image quality.
You will also need to crop the image, so it has the correct Aspect Ratio
To do this, please go HERE

First, choose and upload your chosen image.
When displayed, select ‘Crop Image’.
In the crop dimensions boxes, enter 30 x 20, then select the Padlock icon.
Now drag to resize and reposition the crop area, so you have the image how you want it.
Select ‘apply changes’. Then ‘download this image’.

Uploading your finished vehicle image into the Booking System

In the VEHICLES panel, select the ‘Upload Images’ sub-tab.

Select ‘Add Image’ then select the image you have just created that you want to upload.
Then, in the ‘Category’ column, match the just uploaded image to the vehicle.
Job done, well done!

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