5 Clients Panel

The place where you manage Telephone Bookings and Client information

Telephone Bookings

Once the system is set up, your clients will have the choice on how they can book with you. Many will choose to book online or with your Booking Apps (an option with this system). This will reduce the time you have to spend on the telephone and potential booking errors.

However, some customers will prefer the personal touch you give over the telephone – and will continue to book that way.
When they phone and identify themselves, if they are an existing client, select the client’s red ‘Make Booking’ button, shown in the image below. Up will come the ‘Reservation Form’ where you simply enter the journey details. Job done! Their journey is on the system. (The ‘Reservation Form’ is described in the next set-up stage.)

Client Screen

If the person on the telephone is not an existing customer, then click on the ‘Add New’ client button at the top, above.

This is what you will see.

New Client Screen

Just enter what client/passenger information you normally take. If you can get their email address, then the system will automatically send them an email confirming the booking. This is not always possible. Click Save, then ‘Make Booking – which we saw above, to record the journey details in the ‘Reservation Form’ which we will show you next.

Instant quotations

Incidentally, you can use the reservation panel to provide a telephone caller with an instant journey price – if they ask for the price. Just enter the pick-up and drop-off and the system will display the correct fare (once your fare prices have been entered into the system) – see below.

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