3 Company Panel

The place on the system where you enter info about your company

When you select the Company Panel – below is what you will see:

This panel contains your basic company information. In the top left, check that the ‘Company Contact’ and ‘Company Admin’ email addresses are the same and are correct. This is the email address that the system will use to communicate with you and your customers, etc. Make any other changes or corrections to your address, etc. as required.

Online Advanced Payments and the Bookings Calendar
(Optional) How to set up Online payments and the Calendar are shown in separate sections.

Thank You for Booking
(Optional) Once the customer has completed a booking, the system can then display a webpage of your choice.
Perhaps a ‘Thank you for Booking’ page or redirecting them back to your Homepage.
Just enter the URL of the page in the Payment Info section, in the field called ‘Payment Later return Url’.
(In the URL, do not include the trailing ‘/’. For example …yourcompany.com/thank-you not …yourcompany.com/thank-you/)
If you leave the field blank, then the system will show its default confirmation message.

Terms & Conditions
(Optional) If you have a Terms and Conditions page on your website, then enter the URL for that page in the ‘About Us’ section. In the field called ‘Terms & Conditions link’.
A link to this T&C page will then be included in the booking confirmation email, that the system will automatically send to the customer – once you have approved the booking request.

Then click ‘Save’. (NOTE: If you have made any changes – always click ‘Save’ before leaving a panel.)

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