12 Adding the Reservation Form to your Website

It’s easier than you think!

…but as always, if you need any help, please just ask!

Or, for £35, we can do it for you and add a customer login page (see HERE and HERE). Just let us know!

When you connect your website to your booking system, all you are doing is letting your website visitors see what you see when you go to your ‘Reservations’ panel.

First make sure your fare pricing, etc is correct, so the booking form in the ‘Reservations’ panel displays what you want the customer to see.

To connect (link) your website to your booking form, like the one below (in your website colours and branding), please follow the instructions below:

First on your website create, or ask your web designers to create two buttons, or some text that will act as a link to your booking form. Saying something like ‘Instant Quote’ and ‘Book Now’. Whatever suits the design of your website that will best entice visitors to book with you or seek an instant fare quotation. Below are some examples:

Next, go to the ‘Front-End’ panel. There you will see two fields under the section called ‘Copy And Paste To Your Website’. Copy and paste the correct link (depending on if your website is http or https) to your newly created ‘Book Now’ page, or ‘Book Now’ button, or whatever you have created to encourage your website visitors to book with you. You can also do the same for an ‘Instant Quote’ button, if you wish.

To Change the Colours on your Reservation Form, please go HERE

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