8 Coupons Panel

Used to offer incentives to use or recommend your services

…or as compensation if something went wrong

Coupons Panel

In the ‘Coupons’ panel you can create discount coupon/promo code numbers. When the promo code is added to the reservation, the corresponding discount is automatically applied.

Promo codes can be used to promote and encourage new passengers. For example, you could give existing customers a promo code. In turn, they could give the code to their friends, which would entitle those friends to a discount on their first booking.

Alternatively, as a ‘sorry’, if you received justified negative feedback, you could email that client a code number that would give them a discount off their next journey.

Coupon/Promo codes have a finite life and can be cancelled at any time.


To create a coupon/promo code, go to the ‘Coupons’ panel. There enter a coupon code, the coupon description, the start and end date that the coupon is valid for and the percentage discount. Then click ‘Add Coupon’.

A coupon can be deleted at any time – which will stop the code number being valid.

Finally, to display the Promo Code field in the reservations form (see the above image), go to the ‘Front-End’ panel and tick/check ‘Show Promo Code’.

When a valid coupon/promo code is used, the person making the booking will see a confirmation that the discount has been applied (see image below).

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