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  • The Booking System features in GREEN are included with our 4-in-1 promotion package, for the first year.
  • If you need any of the features shown in ORANGE, please contact us to purchase the full Booking system at a cost of £299.
  • If you would like to trial the system before purchase, please let us know.

1  Make a Test Reservation   2  Telephone Bookings   3  Company Panel   4  Bookings Panel   5  Clients Panel   6  Reservation Panel   7  Adding a Vehicle   8  Changing Vehicle Image   9  Adding a Driver   10  Standard Pricing   11  Front-End Panel   12  Put Reservation Form on Website

The Booking System version included in our 4-in-1 package for the first year has all the features that are shown in GREEN.
If you need any of the features in ORANGE, for example fixed prices, please contact us to purchase the full version of our Booking System (£299).

1 Radius Pricing   2 Fixed Pricing   3  Airport Transfer   4  Online Payments   5  Invoicing   6  Feedback Panel   7  Promotions   8  Coupons Panel   9  Jobs Panel   10  Driver Location Map   11  Setting up Affiliates   12  Reservation Form Colours   13  Calendar View Setup

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Login Panels and APPS

✔ As the system is web-based, if you encounter something unexpected, it could be simply a cache problem. Just log out, clear your browser cache and log back in again.
✔ If an app appears not to be working correctly, then it is most likely there are not enough free resources (memory, etc.) on your phone for the app to work properly. Free up some resources or test the app using a different phone.
✔ Although tempting to think it, the same system and apps you are using are used by thousands of operators or passengers every day all over the world, so it is unlikely to be a system fault.
✔ If the above does not solve your problem, please let us know.

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