2 Fixed Pricing – Zone based

For when you charge fixed prices between two areas/zones

…such as between your town and the nearest airport

This is where you set up fixed prices between two ‘zones’, if your fares are also based on distance travelled (per mile/Km). In the example below, any pick-up within the Swindon area going to Bristol Airport has the same fixed price.

Note: If you have a lot of zones to create, it is better to enter them in alphabetical order.

To set up zones, go to the ‘Zones’ panel. In the table on the right, select the Green ‘Zones/Fixed Prices’ and enter in the town or location into the search bar, where you want the first zone to be. Then select ‘Search’. Zoom the map in or out, so the whole area of the desired zone is displayed on the map.

Next, using the vector icon (yellow in the image below) in the top middle of the map, click multiple points to draw around your desired zone.

To complete the area click on your first point. Once it is completed, enter the name of the zone in the pop-up box and click ‘Save’. This new zone will then appear in the table on the right of the map.

If you need to re-position any points around the zone, click on the zone in the table and use the finger of the hand icon to drag and re-position the points around the zone.

Once your zones are set up, you need to enter in your pricing between these zones.

To do this go to the ‘Vehicles’ panel, then click on the magnifying glass in the ‘Pricing’ column, for the vehicle you want to add some zone pricing. Next, click on the sub-tab called ‘Show Special Pricing’. Next, select the sub-tab called ‘Zone to Zone’.

From the drop-down menu select ‘From’ and ‘To’ zones and click on ‘Add Itinerary’. When the itinerary is displayed, double-click on the ‘To’ and ‘From’ columns and enter your desired pricing.

The system has too many pricing variations and options to cover them all here – have a look at what the different sub-tabs do.

If you need help setting up your particular pricing plans, please let us know.

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