11 Setting up the Front-End Panel

This is where you customise what the customer sees.
This includes the services and promotions that you offer on the booking reservation form. Plus the email header for emails that the system sends to the customer and the colours of the Reservation Form – so the form matches your website colours.

First, go to the FRONT-END panel

This is what you will see.

Top-Left ‘Enable / Disable, Options’ section

For now deselect:
‘Mode Fixed Price’,’Same FIXED Price GO And RETURN’, ‘Show Calculator Filter’, Disable Address And Hotel, Extra Stops, Promotions, Enable “PM” Time Format, Show Promo Code.

Select, as required – if you have a vehicle that offers any of these services. If you do not offer the service, deselect it.
Meet & Greet, Baby Seat, Booster Seat, Wheelchair, Dogs, Special Luggage, Waiting Time, Hourly Rate.

For now select:
Disable International Search (This speeds up address searching for addresses in your country).

Vehicle – Price (this tells the system to show the journey price on the reservation form).

Send Feedback Email To Client (this tells the system that once the journey has been completed, to send an email to the customer asking them for their feedback. This is described in another section).

Bookings Must Be Confirmed (when selected, every online booking is treated as a ‘booking request, meaning you have to approve the booking before the customer is sent a booking confirmation.

Show Extra Info Driver (this tells the system to include in the booking confirmation email info about the driver including a link to a picture of the driver).

Show Price To Driver (this tells the driver how much money to collect if the customer has chosen to pay the driver and not pay in advance).

Top-Right ‘Date – Options’ section

Leave as it is, except for the ‘Minimum Hours In Advance For Reservations’ field. Enter here, how many hours notification you need before picking up a passenger. For example, if it is set to 24 then you need 24 hours notification. If it is set to 0 then a customer could request to be picked up in 10 minutes. Click ‘Save’.

Middle-Right ‘HTML Code’ section

In the HTML Code field, for now, select ‘Place [Single Field] to Place [Single Field]’.
Click ‘Save’, then log out and log back in again.

Later you can experiment with these options, to see what suits you best. For example, if you are an Airport Transfer company you may wish to give a choice of Airports as destinations. In which case you would select ‘Place [Single Field] to (Airport / Destination)’.

FYI the ‘Copy And Paste To Your Website’ shows the code you will need to add to your website to display the Reservation form on your website. How to do this is described in a later section.

Bottom-Left ‘CSS Style’ section

This is where you will add some code to change the colours of the reservation form to suit your website colours. How to do this is described in a later section.

Bottom-Right ‘Email Pictures, Header and Footer’ section

Later you can add, or change the email header and footer which will be displayed.
For example

Just create an image email header and footer (if you want). Make the finished size 550 x 150 pixels.
When done, select ‘Choose file’. Then select ‘Upload File’.

The ‘CSS Style’ box is where you or your web designer can add custom CSS code to change the colours etc., of the reservation panel to suit your website design and colours. How to do this is described in a later section.

Next, select the RESERVATIONS Panel

..and see what the changes you have just made look like of the reservations form.

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