5 Invoicing

Automatic Invoicing

…another tool in the system to save you time and hassle!

To set up invoicing for a particular client, first go to the ‘Clients’ panel. Select the client you want to invoice (via edit), or ‘Add New’ client. With the client screen open, you will see the ‘Invoice Info’ section on the right of the screen. Complete the details as required. You can use the remarks field for info like payment instructions, etc. (this needs to be done once per client, not per invoice). Make sure the ‘Client Email’ field has been completed.

To create an invoice, in the ‘Clients’ panel click on the red ‘Invoice’ button corresponding to the client you want to invoice. Enter the start and end date of the period you want to invoice and the Invoice date and number. Select ‘Generate PDF Invoice’. Check the invoice is correct, then download it to your invoice filing system. Then, either send an email to the client enclosing a copy of the downloaded invoice or click ‘Send Invoice’ and the invoice will be sent directly to the client.

If you need to add something extra to an invoice item (such as the Passenger name or a Purchase order number), please first open the associated booking in the ‘Bookings’ panel. Then add the necessary info at the end of the ‘To’ (or ‘From’) field in the booking form. Then select ‘Update Booking’ to save the info.

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