Make a Test Reservation

1 Make a Test Reservation

First Log into your system…
which you can do HERE

Use the ID and password we have already sent you when you registered.

Once you have logged in, find the ‘Reservation’ Panel. It is in the top row of panels, fourth from the left.

Reservation Panel icon

Select it and you will see a reservation form, something like the one below.
This reservation form is similar to the one that will go on your website – for your website visitors to use to make bookings with you, or your passenger booking apps available with the system.
To see an example of a website ‘Book Now’ page, please go HERE

Reservation form

To make a reservation, in the ‘From‘ section, enter and select the Pick-Up address.
In the ‘To‘ section, enter and select the Drop-Off address.

On the right, select the Date and Time of the journey, plus Any Services that are required.

Select ‘Next Step‘.

You will now see a display of the journey, and the journey cost. Something like this below.


NOTE: During this system setup procedure, you will be customising this reservation form –
to show your own vehicles, your own prices and the services you offer.

Next, select ‘Book Now’ on the vehicle of your choice.
And you will see the booking summarised, something like this

Fill in the client’s first and last name, telephone number and email address.
NOTE: Use a real email address that you have access to. Then you will see how the system replies to you (as a customer making a booking).

When done, select ‘Next Step’.

You will now see something like this

Pay Later Screen

Finally select ‘Pay Later’ (pay the driver).
NOTE: If you want to accept online payments, then an additional button will be seen that says ‘Pay Now’.

The booking request is complete!

What happens now?
A pop-up window will appear in your system to alert you that a new reservation request has been received.
Also, two emails will automatically be sent. One to the person making the booking, acknowledging that their booking request is being processed. The second email, a copy, is sent to you as the business owner, to alert you via email, that a new booking request has been received.

Part of the email to the person making the booking is shown below.
In the red box, you will see the email also includes a link, ID and Password. The customer now has their own login area where they can make more bookings and manage their account with you.

Now, log in to your system and go to the ‘Bookings’ panel – top left. There you will see the new booking you have just made.
Select the green ‘Booking Details’ button to see the job details.

Later in this set-up process, we will show you how to review and approve the job, and the ways you can then send/dispatch the job to a driver(s).

Well done!

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