4 Online Payments in Advance

The system allows you to receive advanced fare payments

…ideal when the person making the booking will not be the passenger. For example: corporates, parents, etc.

The Payment Gateways available are:

PayPal (included as standard in the system price)
Also available at £100 each
Sage Pay

Paying in advance is popular with Corporate Clients and anyone making a booking, who will not be travelling as a passenger. For example, parents booking for their children, a corporate employee booking a journey for a company guest, visiting customer, senior executive or VIP), etc.

Accepting online payments, is another example of professionalism – especially when you are positioning your website above those of your competitors.

Remember with this system we do not charge any commissions or fees on any bookings.
When a booking is being made, these are the displayed payment options. ‘Pay Later’ means pay the driver.

To Set up the Online Payments with PayPal

First you will need a verified business PayPal account.

To link your PayPal account to the system, so that you can receive payments, follow this procedure:
Note: At some stage in the process below, PayPal may ask you to verify your account, this is normal.
If you are asked, select the best way to receive your security code (usually via telephone or SMS message).
Then enter the code and proceed.

Log in to your PayPal account
Go to your Profile
Select ‘Account Settings’
Select ‘My selling tools’
Select ‘API Access’
Once your account is verified, select ‘View API Signature’
Select ‘Show’ to view the:
API Username
API Password
API Signature
(You need to copy and paste these values into the ‘Company’ panel)

Keeping the PayPal screen open, go to your ‘Company’ panel and then to the ‘Payment Info’ box
Go to the ‘Select PayPal Mode’ field and choose ‘PayPal Live Mode’

Copy and paste in the three API values from your PayPal screen

If you want to charge an online booking fee, to cover the PayPal fee, enter in the percentage amount in the ‘Amount’ field (currently around 3.8%)

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