7 Promotions

To show offers and to sell extras

…for more revenue and to attract bookings

With this feature you can add any special services or promotions to your reservations form (see below).

To set up your promotions, go to the ‘Promotions’ panel.
Enter in a title of the promotion (as in our example above, you can use the title field as the first line of the promotion description).

Next enter the description of your promotion (again, as we have done, use this field for the second part of your promotion, see above). Select ‘Add Promotion’. In the price field enter the price of the service, or a negative number if the price is to be deducted from the journey fare. Click ‘Save’.

Next go to the ‘Front-End’ panel and make sure ‘Promotions’ is ticked/checked. Now select the ‘Reservations’ panel and see the results!

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