Setting up your System

1 Before you Log In

The first thing to do is check out these two videos HERE

They will show how the system can attract new bookings to your company and how the system is used.

The next thing to do is RELAX!

You cannot make a mistake setting up your prices and vehicles, etc. because you can change, edit, update or delete any data, at any time.
So don’t worry about making mistakes!

Also, if you have the free version of the system, any information you enter, such as your fare prices etc., will remain in the system, if you choose to purchase. You won’t have to enter the data twice.

So for a meaningful evaluation, please enter your actual/real, fare prices and vehicle(s), etc.

When you first log in…

You will see along the top of the screen, a row of icons. We call these icons – The Admin Panels.
Each panel performs a different function for your company.

If you have the free version, some of these Admin Panels will not be available until you purchase the full system..


VIDEO HELP: Is also provided by our Spanish software developers on the top row of this screen. Do not use this top row for support or anything else, otherwise, you may become their customer, not ours, and we will be unable to support you.

We are here to support you. So at any time during or after your evaluation, if you need help or have a question, please just ask.

Let’s start to Evaluate the System

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