2 Telephone Bookings Setup

How to set up and take telephone bookings

…and provide instant journey price quotations, if required!

When customers use the system to book online, or with the apps, they enter the journey details themselves – and the system automatically acknowledges and confirms by email. Saving you and the customer time – especially if your phone is busy or diverted to answerphone.

All good, proven and popular – but what happens if the customer does not have an email address, or prefers to telephone you every time?
No problem, because the system makes it easy to take telephone bookings, or give a journey price – no pen, paper or calculator needed!

Below is the recommended way to set up the system so you can quickly enter telephone bookings into the system – if the person does not have, or know their email address.

One-time set up

First, go to the ‘Clients’ Panel and select ‘Add New’.
Below is what you will see

Clients panel for telephone bookings

In the ‘Client Name’ (top left) enter in capital letters ‘TELEPHONE’. In the ‘Surname’ field below enter ‘BOOKINGS’.
In the ‘Client Password’ field enter 12345, or a password of your choice. In the ‘Large ‘Remarks’ field enter ‘Pass:’ followed by the password you just entered.
In the ‘Client Email’ field, enter the email address: telephone@yourcompany.com
Then select ‘Save’.

How to take a telephone booking.

When the phone rings, select the ‘Clients’ Panel. For the client called ‘TELEPHONE BOOKINGS’, select the red ‘Make Booking’ button. A reservation form like the one below will be displayed.

NOTE: If you are taking telephone bookings all the time, you may prefer to bookmark the reservation form URL and keep it in an open browser tab called say @reservations’. Then when the phone rings, just enter the booking details into this already open reservation form.

Reservation form

Enter the client’s journey details and select ‘Next Step’.

Tell the client the fare (journey price), if they want to know. Select the green ‘Book Now’ button for the vehicle the client wants (if you have more than one vehicle).

taxi booking stage 2

In the ‘Remarks’ field above, enter the client information you normally take (for example the client name and their telephone number).
Click ‘Next Step’,

Taxi booking stage 3

Then confirm the journey details back to the client, if you want to. Then select ‘Pay Later’ (pay the driver).
Booking Taken and is now in the system!

If you now go to the ‘Bookings’ Panel, you will see the booking you have just made. Ready for you to accept the booking and allocate a driver.


When the person on the telephone has an email address

New Client: If they are a new client who has never booked with you before, explain they will be sent an email confirmation of this booking, so what is their name and email address.
Then go to the ‘Clients’ Panel and select ‘Add New’ and create a new record for this client. You only need to collect their name, email address and optionally their telephone number. Then select ‘Make Booking’ for that client and make the booking as described above.

Existing Client: If they are an existing client go to the ‘Clients’ Panel, select the client, and select ‘Make Booking’. As with any client where the email is known, the system will automatically send them an acknowledgement and confirmation email.

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